BCMC, with over 25 years professional experience, is your best option whether you are designing, planning,implementing, or assessing human resources and labor relations programs for your operation in the United States or in Mexico. We count on seasoned consultants and local resources, applied research, local labor market data, and hard work. BCMC has success with businesses large and small. Our expertise rests in
these major areas

  • Hands on experience with Mexico labor authorities, labor unions, community groups and affairs, due diligence projects, start-up operations, support of existing operations, and planning for and communicating change.
  • Hands on experience with USA federal and state regulatory agencies, wage and hour issues, labor union education and training for managers and employees, safety /OSHA rules, and management/supervisor training.
  • Deep understanding of cultural practices and how they affect employee perception of the workplace and management planning
  • Complete bilingualism and bicultural skills to ensure nothing is left to chance, misunderstood, or “lost in translation”
  • Preparing and offering guidance/mentoring for the manager assigned to operate “off-shore”
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