BCMC, a consulting firm headquartered alongside the US-Mexico international border in San Diego, California has been helping clients develop, organize, and run operations in Mexico for over 20 years-boosting productivity and profitability of your workforce. BCMC has unlocked the mysteries of a neighboring but foreign culture, language and trade customs, work behavior, and government regulation, creating significant opportunities for investment, productivity and savings over domestic operations.

BCMC is an established leader in US and Mexico labor relations and business consulting services. BCMC has the following strategic areas of business and labor relations advisory services:

  • Direct hands on contact with Mexico regulatory agencies and labor unions at the highest levels in Mexico City
  • Direct hands on contact with US Federal labor and safety agencies and experience in dealing with unions: NLRB, OSHA, etc.
  • HR skills to include sourcing and qualifying management talent and resources, direct employment of labor, training and orienting employees, etc.
  • Coaching skills for the manager sent “off-shore” to either the US and/or Mexico
  • Special projects involving organizational change, start-up, rapid employment, etc.
  • Management and operating environment assessment for due diligence programs and review
  • Assessing productivity and labor unrest issues

BCMC has clients that range from the Fortune 100 to small businesses and to include venture capitalists from both countries. Our priority is relationship building by meeting client expectations and providing support with resources and top level executive and governmental agency contact.

BCMC handles and provides direct service for all the labor and employment issues of establishing and managing your workforce, including employment contracts, unionization, and the often volatile and confusing relationship of your operation with local entities, including ejidos, subcontractors, municipalities, and other labor market groups.

Our consultants are seasoned, creative, and energetic. We count on top-shelf educational credentials, published articles, and invaluable experience in the field. BCMC has references that range from Mattel Toys de Mexico to Honeywell-Mexicon. We have consulted to joint venture horticultural production centers in California and wind farms in Oaxaca. We have dealt with labor unions from Oaxaca to Morelos, and from Iowa to Oregon.

With experienced “Mexico” hands and consulting specialists, labor, employment, and corporate attorneys, and tax and accounting resources located and operating in Mexico and California, BCMC can help you manage the employment processes of your Mexico operations from strategy to training and execution of work-so you can focus on growing your business.
Spend less time worrying about and managing your human resources/labor relations strategy and more time growing and organizing your business for success.

We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Call or drop us a line today.

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