Our consultants provide the very best when labor relations and/or management development services are required, regardless of whether your operation is in the United States or in Mexico. Our knowledge is backed up by experience whether in the remote areas of Oaxaca or in the urban centers of California. Often times the issue is one of assessing alternatives in a new operating environment and/or planning to operate in such a situation. We count on top shelf resources with sensitivity to orienting the manager and the employee to the environment and/or the work system to be implemented.

BCMC provides a customized approach to your specific needs and disciplined flexibility remains the key factor in handling the challenges of your labor relations strategy and operating environment. The best and most effective implementation of your strategic management initiatives is provided through our core services:

  • Doing business and managing people in Mexico/USA seminar
  • Understanding Work Motivation in Mexico/USA workforces seminar
  • Management and Employee/Labor Relations Assessment phase for due diligence projects-venture capital-issue resolution
  • Supervisor/Management training and development
  • HR skill bases, including assessment, employment, selection, performance appraisal
  • Bilingual and translation services for technical documents and operating procedures
  • Local labor market research and assessment of common practices, compensation, etc.
  • Direct employee interface/communications
  • Ex-patriot management coaching and guidance
  • Management Union Affairs
  • Labor Contract Negotiations
  • Management of community affairs in Mexico
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